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Dr. Adelman, Fox 61 Interview

  Dr. Ron Adelman of the Yale School of Medicine discusses doctor retention and how the state can attract more physicians. Click here to watch the interview.

Contact Your Legislators About HB 5447 Today!

On Thursday, March 17, the Insurance and Real Estate Committee held a Public hearing. Take ACTION – Tell your legislators your story regarding difficulties getting prior authorization to treat your patient. Submit written testimony on prior authorization (HB 5447)—our TOP priority this session. We encourage you to submit written testimony on HB 5447: An Act Concerning Prior Authorization for Health Care Provider Services, and advocate for the strengthening of protections to ensure patients do not receive a disruption of care or service. Also communicate your experiences regarding your patients' high deductible health plans (HB 5410). We ask that you support your patients and colleagues by …

Statement from CSMS President Gregory Shangold, M.D. On Governor Lamont’s Signing of the Recreational Marijuana Use Bill

“The Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) is deeply disappointed that legislation allowing the recreational use of marijuana is being signed into law by Governor Lamont today. Physicians base our opinions on science, data from peer-reviewed writings, observation, and patient interaction—which is why we believe the recreational use of marijuana is bad science, bad policy, and dangerous to Connecticut’s public health. Throughout this debate, we have worked to inform Connecticut’s policymakers about the health and social ramifications of legalized marijuana, urging them not to ignore the harmful, even devastating effects that this measure will have—especially on our younger populations. The signing of …

Thank You Physicians: CSMS celebrates National Doctors Day 2021

CSMS President Dr. Gregory Shangold commemorates National Doctors Day (March 30, 2021) by thanking CSMS members, physicians and healthcare workers across Connecticut for their critical work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Shangold also highlights physicians' recent advocacy work on behalf of their patients and the practice of medicine. Visit to learn more about CSMS' legislative priorities.

CSMS Launches "On Call with Connecticut Physicians" - A New Podcast Initiative Focusing on Connecticut Healthcare Policy

Hosted by CSMS Executive Director Dr. Robert Russo, CSMS' new podcast initiative On Call with Connecticut Physicians provides a forum where Connecticut physicians share their positions and insights on various healthcare policies impacting their patients and the field of medicine in the state—particularly proposals that come before the state legislature.Episodes are available for viewing on the CSMS website at and on the CSMS YouTube Channel.The first six episodes of the series tackle the following healthcare topics: Surprise Billing - with guest Dr. Gregory Shangold, CSMS President High Deductible Health Plans - with guest Dr. Gregory Shangold, CSMS President Telemedicine …

PAI Releases Independent Physician Survey on High-Deductible Health Plans

A survey of independent physicians from the Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI), conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, shows the challenges in patient care caused by high-deductible health plans.Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, patients’ large and growing share of out-of-pocket healthcare costs posed challenges for individuals, families, and independent physicians. When the epidemic became a pandemic, the federal government and certain insurance companies acted quickly to make coronavirus-related care widely accessible by ensuring it was affordable to everyone who needed it.Waiving patients’ deductibles during a time of crisis spotlighted the flaws inherent in high-deductible health plans …

CSMS Signs on to Letter to House and Senate Leaders About Limited Liability Protections for Physicians

"...During this unprecedented national health emergency, physicians and other health care professionals have been putting themselves at risk every day while facing shortages of medical supplies and safety equipment, and making critical medical decisions based on changing directives and guidance. These physicians and other health care professionals are now facing the threat of years of costly litigation due to the extraordinary circumstances. As the House and Senate continue to work on the next COVID-19 relief package, we strongly urge you to include the targeted and limited liability protections that are in the bipartisan bill, H.R. 7059, the 'Coronavirus Provider Protection …

CSMS Reaches Out to New Acting DPH Commissioner with an Update on Physicians’ Accomplishments and Concerns During Pandemic

Immediately after the formal announcement of a change in leadership at DPH, CSMS penned a letter to DPH Acting Commissioner, Dr. Deidre Gifford, congratulating her on her latest appointment, thanking her for her continued service to the state and providing an update on physicians’ contributions and areas of continued focus during the COVID-19 pandemic.A fellow physician who previously headed the Department of Social Services, Dr. Gifford, received our letter which voiced our enthusiasm for the ability to continue our work together, as well as our proactive support for removing all but the medical exemption for school-aged vaccinations. We additionally wrote …

Stay Safe! CSMS Providing Free Protective Face Masks to Members

We’re excited to share that we have a limited supply of 3-ply, disposable and protective face masks (not N95) that we would like to distribute to our members at no cost. These masks can be used by you and your staff for office use or by you and your family in the community. We’re allowing members to reserve up to 100 masks. If you’re interested, contact Barbara Levine at or at (203) 865-0587, and we will arrange delivery to you.

CT DSS Provides Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

In a lengthy bulletin released on May 11, 2020, the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) provided responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program's (CMAP’s) response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)To access the full bulletin, click here.

CSMS Requests Clarification of Liability Immunity Executive Order

In a letter to Governor Lamont dated April 23, 2020, CSMS requested clarification of Section 6 of Executive Order 7V by indicating that physician immunity from liability extends equally to the treatment of non-COVID-19 patients through telehealth, audio-only interactions and in-person treatment, in the course of providing medical services in support of Connecticut’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. To read the letter, click here.

CSMS to Develop Coalition to Address Emerging Health-Related Issues

We are trying to a develop a coalition and mobilize a unified front to address emerging health related issues, such as developing proactive crisis counseling models to focus on impending crises in physical, psychological and financial areas. To get involved or remain informed contact