Dr. Seyed Aleali Seeks Appointment to the AMA's Senior Physician Section Governing Council

Please join us in supporting Dr. Seyed Aleali by casting your vote for him to serve on the AMA's Senior Physician Section Governing Council. Dr. Aleali was a past president of CSMS, served on the Fairfield County Board of Trustees, and is currently an AMA Delegate for CT and Chair of the CSMS AMA Delegation.  He has been a leader of Connecticut's efforts for professional liability reform, and for appropriate Medicare reimbursements for cancer care services.

All members of the AMA age 65 and above are eligible to vote in the AMA Senior Physicians Section (SPS) Governing Council election to be held April 2-23. Voting is open until Monday, April 23rd at 11:59 pm Central Time. All AMA senior physicians 65 years of age and above received a ballot.

More information about Dr. Seyed Aleali

If you wish to use a hard copy, please download and print out the ballot here: 2018 SPS GC Ballot, mark your choices by hand on pages 1,7,11 & 17 and return by fax to 312.464.2450 or by e-mail at Be sure to include your name and e-mail address for verification purposes. Please refer to the Candidate's Statement of Interest and biosketches on the SPS webpage at: