Candidates Share Thoughts on Healthcare with CSMS Members

CSMS is committed to being your voice at the state Capitol and in Washington DC. Throughout this election year cycle, our dedicated team has reached out to those running for office to make sure that they know about the struggles and frustrations of our physician members. We are pleased to share highlights with you now and encourage you to vote on November 6th in support of the candidates who support the practice of medicine and quality health care. The candidates running for Congress, Governor and Attorney General were invited to share a statement with CSMS members regarding healthcare and the practice of medicine, please see the shared statements below.

CSMS has co-produced several gubernatorial candidate forums throughout the fall.  Many members attended and were able to ask questions, share their concerns and ideas with each candidate.



John Larson (D – Incumbent), Serving Connecticut’s 1st District
“One of the key areas that we must do more to address is the current and looming physician workforce shortage. Connecticut has one of the oldest physician populations, while also being a relatively older state in terms of population. The struggle to recruit, retain, and replace our experienced physicians as they retire or choose to leave practice for other reasons will become more acute with each passing day.” Click here to read more. 

Joe Courtney (D-Incumbent), Serving Connecticut’s 2nd District
“The 115th Congress has been a fraught time in federal health care policy, impacting both patients and providers. I have remained in close contact with the Connecticut State Medical Society about the impact of proposed legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act and drastically reduce federal funding for Medicaid. I strongly opposed efforts to institute a per-capita cap, or block grant system within Medicaid, to roll back protections for pre-existing conditions and other protections.” Click here to read more.

Rosa DeLauro (D-Incumbent), Serving Connecticut’s 3rd District
“I strongly oppose the administration’s decision to not defend the ACA in the latest case attacking the law’s constitutionality, and furthermore, it is unconscionable that the administration has urged the court to repeal the ACA’s pre-existing condition protections. I am a supporter of the ACA but, recognize we can take common sense steps to improve affordability.” Click here to read more.


Sue Hatfield (R)
“In addition to being an attorney and state prosecutor, I am a registered nurse. I worked for almost a decade at Yale-New Haven Hospital, so I’m quite familiar with the health-care delivery system and medical profession. I know firsthand that the professional environment for doctors in Connecticut is far from ideal. Public policy must carefully balance cost-containment and liability options so as not to risk losing our competitive edge relative to health care.” Click here to read more.

William Tong (D)
“As your next Attorney General, I will be committed to using the powers of the office to help regulate the market in a way that makes competition fair, and thereby benefits both providers and consumers. From continuing work on reducing the cost of generic prescription drugs, to investigating drug manufacturers and distributors involved in the opioid crisis, to applying rigorous scrutiny to proposed mergers of health insurance companies, I will do my part to help contain skyrocketing healthcare costs while increasing access to care.” Click here to read more.