Update: HUSKY B Changes

CSMS has received the following update from Richard B. Spencer, Director of Provider Engagement Services for the Community Health Network of Connecticut (CHNCT). CHNCT serves as the state’s medical Administrative Services Organization for the HUSKY Health Program.

Families of children covered by Connecticut’s Connecticut’s CHIP Program, known locally as HUSKY B, will be receiving notices of the possible end of the program.  The information provided to our members is now posted on the HUSKY Health front page at (please see bulletin box under photos) and HUSKY B information link also referenced in yellow bulletin box throughout  Please share this information with your members/providers so that they may answer family’s questions and encourage families to see preventive care and refills of chronic prescriptions prior to cessation of the program.

In addition, we are also working to remove our ‘system’ edits that restrict early refills of medications for HUSKY B members.  Early refills should be possible just after the New Year; if available earlier, DSS will let you know.

DSS will provide updates pending any further changes.