CSMS Statement on EpiPen Price Spikes

The physicians of the Connecticut State Medical Society are deeply concerned by the recent EpiPen price spikes. The pens are a simple, reliable mechanism for delivering a pre-measured dose of epinephrine to patients experiencing life-threatening allergic reactions. EpiPen manufacturer Mylan has increased the price of the pens by more than 550% over the past eight years, placing patient access to this life-saving medication at risk.

In response to this unprecedented spike in EpiPen prices, CSMS President Henry Jacobs, MD, JD has issued the following statement:

We physicians feel that Mylan has violated the public trust and imperiled the lives of those who depend on the lifesaving effect of epinephrine in acute allergic situations which can kill.

Children and handicapped people, or those unfamiliar with or not in proximity to emergency services, are particularly vulnerable.

Much like making Naloxone available for overdoses, EpiPens must be universally available for acute allergic emergencies; both must be easily affordable. Public policy must make these measures a priority.

The Connecticut State Medical Society has been in contact with federal elected officials, and will continue to monitor this situation closely.

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