CSMS Applauds Senators' Opposition to Health Insurance Mergers

Statement of Support by the Connecticut State Medical Society
for US Senators’ Opposition to Health Insurance Plan Mergers

The Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) applauds the efforts of Senator Richard Blumenthal and his Senate colleagues in opposing the Anthem-Cigna and Aetna-Humana health insurance plan mega-mergers.

“These mega-mergers are job killers. They threaten jobs, hike prices, lessen choices, and lower health care quality,” Blumenthal said. “Combining five competitors into three epitomizes the type of anti-consumer deal that the law forbids."

CSMS shares the concerns expressed in the Senators’ letter to the US Department of Justice with the potential negative impact of these mergers on affordability and access to care for patients across the country. CSMS has repeatedly stated our opposition to the mergers, and our concern that much of the state-level merger reviews to date have been lacking in transparency and public engagement.

CSMS EVP CEO Matthew Katz stated, “Here in Connecticut, we believe that the mergers could result in the collapse of the healthcare delivery system and seriously compromise access to care for Connecticut patients.

We commend Senators Blumenthal, Franken, Warren, Brown, Markey, Feinstein and Hirono for their leadership on this critical health access issue, and stand ready to provide continued support for their efforts.”



Kelly Raskauskas

CSMS VP of Communications

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