CSMS Supports Breast Tomosynthesis Coverage for Medicaid Patients

The Connecticut State Medical Society recently sent a letter to the Connecticut Department of Social Services in support of SPA 16-003: HIPAA Billing Code and Reimbursement Update - Physician Fee Schedule.

The SPA would add breast tomosynthesis codes to the Medicaid program. CSMS supports that decision, and has been very vocal regarding the benefits of tomosynthesis relative to other  imaging devices.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tomosynthesis uses multiple images from multiple angles to create a three-dimensional, high-resolution picture of the breast. A mammogram usually takes only  a two-dimensional image of each breast, from top to bottom and side to side. The compression used for mammography can also result overlap of breast tissue, which could cause cancer to not be seen on the mammogram. In addition,  the compression required for mammography is often uncomfortable and could deter women from seeking screening.

CSMS supports supports the inclusion of codes (77061, 77062 and 77063) regarding Breast Tomosynthesis.

Read the full letter here.