Pediatric Clerkship Preceptors Needed

The Frank Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University is in need of additional preceptors for its required third year Pediatric Clerkship.

The clerkship is 6 weeks in duration, two weeks will be inpatient based at CCMC while 4 weeks will be outpatient/office-based in community practices. Thus, a given physician or group practice will have a student for only 4 weeks of the six week clerkship.  The clerkship will repeat itself six times per year (see the 2015-2016 schedule below).  We hope that each week of the outpatient experience will include:

  • Approximately 32-36 hours of office-based experience

  • Approximately 4 hours per week in newborn or neonatal care (may occur either with the pediatric preceptor or, if preferred, through one of our affiliate hospitals)

  • Approximately 4 hours per week in formal educational sessions arranged by the School’s Clerkship Directors (all students in the clerkship will attend these Education half-days, which will likely occur on Wednesday afternoons at the North Haven campus)

For many reasons, it may optimal for a group, rather than in individual physician, to precept a given student.

Participating preceptors would receive an academic appointment at Quinnipiac.  A modest stipend of $350 per week per student is available to participating practices.

Please contact  Alan Otsuki, MD ( or Richard Stahl, MD ( for further information.

Click here for the 2015-2016 Academic Year Pediatric Rotation Schedule