Calling all PCPs: Med Student Teaching Opportunity

From the Yale Integrated Primary Care Clerkship

Are you a Primary Care Physician (i.e., trained in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medicine-Pediatrics, or Pediatrics) who enjoys teaching medical students? Would you be interested in applying for Community Faculty Appointment at Yale School of Medicine, which allows you to participate in Faculty Development at no charge and to enjoy collegial interactions with your peers?

Yale School of Medicine has recently experienced a surge in primary care interest, with an increasing number of medical students applying to primary care specialties. We depend upon and greatly appreciate superb teaching by our community-based Faculty, who create learning experiences that continue to draw students into primary care and assure they start their careers with strong clinical skills.

We are seeking to expand our cadre of enthusiastic, community-based Primary Care Physicians to teach medical students in our new integrated curriculum.

If you are interested in learning about expectations and opportunities for community-based teaching at Yale, please contact Maria Volpe, Sr. Administrative Assistant of Medical Education at 203-688-4545, Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.