Open Payments Review Period Now Underway

On June 30 of this year, 2014 Open Payments (Sunshine Act) data will be displayed on the CMS public website.

Before the data is made public, physicians can review and dispute payment data submitted by applicable manufacturers and GPOs from April 1 - May 20. During this review period, physicians can affirm records (optional - unaffirmed records will still be published), initiate disputes, or withdraw disputes. You can still register and dispute inaccuracies after this review and dispute period, but resolutions will not be displayed in the public data until the next reporting cycle.

Getting Started with Payment Review

  • Step 1 - Register yourself in the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) through the CMS Enterprise Portal, and request access to the Open Payments System for yourself.

  • Step 2 - Register yourself in the Open Payments system. You must successfully register in both EIDM and Open Payments in order to review and dispute your data.


Open Payments Overview and Prepare to Review Reported Data (MLN Connects Call 4/15/15)

CMS Open Payment FAQs

Open Payments User Guide (updated April 2015)