US Senate Must Act Now on SGR Repeal

Today the U.S. Senate returns from a two-week recess to tackle the bipartisan sustainable growth rate (SGR) repeal legislation that overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House of Representatives more than two weeks ago. The Senate must act immediately to repeal the 21 percent cut to Medicare payments that already went into effect with the expiration of the most recent SGR patch on April 1.

We've never been this close -- let's finally get SGR reform across the finish line by contacting your senators through every means available and asking them to pass H.R. 2 without delay.

  • Call your senators using the AMA's toll-free Grassroots Hotline: (800) 833-6354.

    • Many thanks to Senator Richard Blumenthal for supporting SGR repeal

    • Senator Chris Murphy, we need your yes vote to #FixMedicareNow

  • Send an urgent email to your senators reinforcing the need for SGR repeal now.

  • Contact key senators still undecided on this most critical issue directly through their own social media channels and share with your own Facebook friends and Twitter followers as well!

The administration can only hold claims until this Wednesday, April 15, which is why the Senate must act now by bringing H.R. 2 for a vote without delay. If the Senate fails to act, these payment cuts will have real-life consequences by putting patients at serious risk of not getting the care they deserve.

Over the recess, tens of thousands of you made your voices heard by reminding your senators that they have unfinished business here in Washington. Now they're back, and we need you for one final push!

This is urgent! The current SGR patch has expired; physicians are being hit with a 21 percent cut to Medicare—your voice is needed now, more than ever!

For more information read the bill summary (PDF) and be sure to check out for all the latest.

(AMA release)