CSMS Leads CMS Prior Authorization Listening Session

In August, Claudia Gruss, MD, CSMS President; Steven Thornquist, MD, CSMS Immediate Past President; Stacy Taylor, MD, CSMS Councilor, also representing the CT Academy of Family Physicians; Mariam Hakim- Zargar, MD, CT Orthopedic Society Immediate Past President and CSMS Councilor; Michael Aronow, MD, CT Orthopedic Society President; Susan Schaffman, CT Orthopedic Society Executive Director; Debbie Osborn, CT Eye, CT Derm, CT ENT and CT Urology Executive Director; and CSMS staff gathered to voice their frustrations and concerns about prior authorization.  Richard E. Wild, MD, JD, MBA, ACEP, Chief Medical Officer, Atlanta and Boston Regional Offices, CMS, HHS, and Joseph Stone, Special Assistant,  Regional Administrator’s Office, CMS graciously listened and provided constructive feedback and support for nearly three hours.

We thank all who participated in the discussion.  As one physician stated: "we desperately need a more efficient and timely method that doesn't take physicians away from direct patient care... there has to be a better way."  CMS acknowledged the burden placed on physicians and their staff and seemed confident that their Patients Over Paperwork initiative will help.

Click here to read the comments we submitted to CMS