CSMS and State Specialty Societies Continue to Push Back on Ambulatory Surgery Centers Tax

This week CSMS joined forces with other state specialty societies (Connecticut Society of Plastic Surgeons, Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians, Connecticut Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery Society, Connecticut ENT Society, Connecticut Urology Society and the Fairfield County Medical Association) to encourage the Finance Committee to pass SB 1131 AN ACT CONCERNING THE AMBULATORY SURGICAL CENTERS TAXRead our testimony here.

We urge the legislature to support changes to the tax that will preserve the continued role of surgery centers in containing health care costs while providing high-quality health care to Connecticut residents.

The current ASC tax cripples centers by removing $15 million in capital each year that would otherwise have been reinvested in staffing and cutting-edge medical technology.  It also serves as a barrier to recruiting physicians and for patients to access the care they need.