Connecticut Physicians Applaud Attorney General Tong’s Antitrust Lawsuit Against Several Generic Drug Manufacturers

Connecticut Attorney General Tong is leading a 44-state coalition antitrust lawsuit against TEVA Pharmaceuticals, 19 other generic drug manufacturers, 15 individuals in conspiracy to fix prices and allocate markets for more than 100 different generic drugs.

Today, the Connecticut State Medical Society joined several legislators and other key health care advocates for a press conference to learn more about this lawsuit, and to applaud the Attorney General’s efforts.

According to the President Elect of the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS), Bollepalli Subbarao, MD, who was at today’s press conference, “CSMS has had significant concern, for many years, regarding the rapid growth in cost of maintenance and other medications, causing some patients to have to choose between food on the table and their life sustaining and supporting medication.”

CSMS believes that there needs to be more transparency in the pharmaceutical market, including how and what Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and Pharmacies, as well as insurers make tied to medications approved and/or dispensed.  Greater transparency in the cost of these medications at the point of sale or point of distribution, along with greater information as to the availability of generics, should be presented to the public by manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies, so that patients can make informed decisions.

Dr. Subbarao added, “we (physicians) are thrilled with the investigation that has been launched by the Attorney General and his staff. We hope that this will lead to a lowering of drug prices for our patients in the near future.”