Early CSMS Victories! HDHP & Physician Recruitment/Retainment Bills Introduced

We are just a few weeks into the 2019 Legislative Session, and we already have very positive news to share!

In 2018, CSMS was the first medical society in the nation to foster legislative discussion on high deductible health plans, calling for legislation to protect physicians with patients in those plans. CSMS called for and obtained a ground-breaking hearing on this issue. We aggressively argued that physicians are not bill collectors and should not be responsible for collecting payments for health insurers.

Our efforts and tenacity have paid off!  Senate President Martin Looney introduced a bill this week that would require health carriers that issue certain high deductible plans to directly reimburse participating providers for the cost of covered benefits.  We are thrilled with this early action and are optimistic that this year we will see real change on this issue. Read the proposed bill here.

Last year, CSMS petitioned the legislature to study the issue of physician recruitment and retainment in our state. We're happy to share that this week, Sen. Heather Somers (a 2018 CSMS Legislative Award Honoree) introduced a bill that would do just that! S.B. 96 would establish a task force to examine the recruitment and retention of primary care providers in Connecticut.  Read the proposed bill here.

An optimistic start to 2019!!